We are super happy to present to you, the catalog for One Thousand Books 2021! It’s a cover with two booklets inserted: 

1) Contains still images from video taken during the events in Roskilde and a newly commissioned text by Andrea Pontoppidan from Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology that offers so many brilliant impressions and perspectives on what happened in Roskilde this fall. 

2) Is an artist book – ‘Fanta for the ghosts’ – by Elisabeth Molin made during her One Thousand Books residency in supermarkets this summer. It features ‘a fictitious play, two proxy characters, some pigments and a blood orange’.

Buy from Lodret Vandret here

An art book fair in a supermarket

20, 21 & 22 August

One Thousand Books Art Book Fair, inside REMA1000, marks the opening of our festival as a whole. Come and meet a selection of international publishers and pick up your daily groceries.

For the third time, One Thousand Books hosts an art book fair inside REMA1000 supermarket at Ros Have in Roskilde. This informal setting has been a great space for engaging new audiences who do not often frequent galleries and museums. Post COVID, the supermarket holds a new position as a hub for (safe) human interaction and community space, which matches our wishes for what an art book fair should be.

These great publishers will join us in person: Edition Patrick Frey (CH), Forlaget Gestus (DK), Gloria Glitzer (DE), Heavy Books (NO), KBJ publishing (DK), Kodoji press (CH), Lodret Vandret (DK), Lugemik (EE), Pamflett (NO), Pist Protta (DK), Shelter Press (FR), SPBH Editions (UK) + bookshop Bladr (DK) – and, shipping us their titles from far away, Bananafish (CN), Samopal Books (RU), Chimurenga (ZA), GenderFail (US), Flat Fix (US)

Ro's Have 2

Unique multiple

20 August – 19 September

Artist and publisher, Tauba Auerbach (US), has made a "geometric poem" that will be published and printed on every receipt at REMA1000 supermarket. The work, titled Peanopoem, is based on the Peano curve, a space-filling mathematical function discovered by Guiseppe Peano in 1890. The work is in close dialogue with Auerbach's calligraphy practice and her object- and jewellery design. During One Thousand Books, the receipt printers at REMA1000 in Roskilde will print what can be described as "unique multiples" of Auerbach geometric poem. 

Tauba Auerbach's work addresses math, physics, language and logic principles, probing the slippages therein. Though best known for her painting, Auerbach works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, weaving, photography, bookmaking and musical instrument design.

Ro's Have 2

The Pigeon Stays Put

From 20 August

Artist duo, Touristes Tristes (Océane Bruel & Dylan Ray Arnold), responds to our theme Distribution, by placing and anchoring pigeon-like concrete shapes in the urban space in Roskilde. Will the contorted shapes make passers-by think of carrier pigeons, peace doves or urban pests when coming upon these contorted, flat, motionless shapes? Were these concrete shapes ever even birds, or were they an abstraction to begin with? Go and see for yourself in the areas around Roskilde Library, Byparken and Sct Hans Have.

Touristes Tristes is a collaboration between Océane Bruel (FR) and Dylan Ray Arnold (FI/CH), Helsinki based visual artists working together alongside their individual practices. With a material-poetic approach, they create sculptural objects and installations, printed matter and videos. Rooted in the corporealities of their urban environment and life, they look into the ambivalent material spirit of objects, places and systems. They are interested in the compositions between static and mobile bodies and forms.

Title of the work: Variations on a theme

Under your wings,
Something in the way, something on the way
grounding lights, landing rights
homing abilities, waves of mass as air and announcements of public and private despatch,
messages to lovers and despots.
You my back, i will a fact
tried to reach you, but
with all your longings, compressed, lossless
which came first, the city or the bird?
Something on the way
Folding in the way, seasonal strains, suits, covers, lovers.

Embedded pages

20 August – 19 September

Copenhagen-based design studio, Alexis Mark, contributes to One Thousand Books creating a display of their favorite books on contemporary design learning at Roskilde Public Library. Specifically, the selected titles showcase alternative exercises and methods and thus, discuss the didactics of creative education and learning. The books on display are available to browse. The installation consists of acrylic sheets vacuum pressed around individual books in an aluminium profile framework. 

Alexis Mark is the shared pseudonym of Marie Grønkær, Kristoffer Li & Martin Bek, and an office for graphic design, creative direction, and communication strategies located in Copenhagen. Prolific in book and exhibition design and teachers themselves, Alexis Mark is ideally placed to make this showcase. With an emphasis on identity, they help artists, institutions, and companies communicate who they are by developing and visualising their core narratives. Additionally, Alexis Mark is the founder and organiser of the exhibition- and project space Annual Reportt, an occasional exhibition platform, and ad hoc laboratory for investigating the overlapping peripheries of various artistic disciplines, including design, art, architecture, music and performance.

Roskilde Bibliotek
Dronning Margrethes Vej 14

Making artists' books is easy

24 August, 9 & 10 September

From a print lab on wheels, Riso-zine makers, Ann-Kristin Stølan (NO) and Kristian B. Johansson (DK), will conduct workshops for local kids in Roskilde. The students will be creating print projects using their own belongings and objects found in nature around their mobile printing press. The riso printer, an odd cross between a photocopier and a silkscreen,  scans and reproduces, very quickly, anything from pine cones to your keys to your face. The participating students can expect a fast-paced empowering process!

Ann-Kristin Stølan is a graphic designer and educator based in Bergen. She is the director of Bergen Art Book Fair and runs the self-publishing workshop and mediation space, Pamflett. Kristian B. Johansson is an artist and publisher based in Svendborg. He co-founded print workshop and imprint KLD Repro and now runs KBJ Publishing as well as the book fair Essential Books. Johansson operates a print lab from the back of a van! Possibly the world's first? 

In the dome at Musicon

How does a book sound?

Released 8 September

The Museum of Contemporary Art has published four brand new works of art. The artists Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Jeuno Kim and Rolf Nowotny have each created their own experimental audiobook, and it has become four very different and personal works. At the same time, the museum releases a historical treat from when the reel tape was hip: Erik Thygesen's audiobook Plus – a novel in time from 1969. Look forward to an audio experience that includes everything from opera and poems to horror in Jægerspris and stories from a robber's castle.

Listen here. More about the podcast here

'Podcast for Samtidskunst'

There's no recipe for recipes

4 September

Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and print designer Åse Eg Jørgensen will host a salon presenting and discussing their newly launched title, Husholdningsbogen for Radikal Omsorg (Household Book for Radical Caring). Expect a warm, inclusionary space where audience participation is encouraged. What recipes, precisely and in a metaphorical sense, were passed down to you by your foremothers?

Husholdningsbogen for Radikal Omsorg is a resource that is meant to be ever-growing and inspired by cookbooks of foremothers. Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology is a platform for planetary becomings. They work with the embodied, theoretical and political implications of global, but unequally distributed environmental breakdown in response to multispecies worlds in urgent need of regeneration and care.

At 'Bålhytten' in Sct Hans Have

Instructions. Encountered at random

From 23 August

David Horvitz (US) will place instructions on engaging with your surroundings in and around Roskilde. Go and look for them! They range from the, perhaps, absurd to the, perhaps, profound. Do you want to get closer to the moon or talk with animals? If you find one of Horvitz' hand-carved wooden signposts, you might discover instruction for just that. Try the parks or the beaches... This project continues Horvitz' playful practice of creating whimsical projects which engage a broad audience and build community. The artist's memes and mail-art come to mind.

David Horvitz was born in Los Angeles, where he currently lives and works. He studied at the University of California and Waseda University in Tokyo. He obtained an MFA from Bard College in 2010. Witty and poetic, the work of David Horvitz meddles with systems of language, time and networks.

A situationist walk

29 August

Danish artist and writer, Morten Søndergaard, will invite the public on a Situationist walk, starting where Provstestræde meets Skolegade, and talk about bees, pollen and urban non-places.

Morten Søndergaard (born 1964) is a critically acclaimed poet and artist. Søndergaard's tireless explorations of the various collisions between meaning and materiality have resulted in extra-linguistic works that span sound art, artists books, asemic writing strategies and performance. His artistic practice unfolds around explorations and challenges of what poetry is and can be and how it can subsist in the breaches and connections between signs and things. Unwearyingly, the works plunge themselves into the various alliances and fractures between world and language that constitutes our always already semiotically mediated lives.

Super Residency

20 – 22 August

Danish artist, Elisabeth Molin, is our One Thousand Books artist-in-residence. She has been working inside Roskilde supermarkets over the summer and has produced a zine as a result. The publication contains a written dialogue between the characters A and B, a script, and a visual, photographic accompaniment of seductive still lifes and candid everyday observations from in and around the mercantile supermarket space. Lodret Vandret will launch Molin's zine at the opening of One Thousand Books art book fair.

Elisabeth Molin says about her work, "I'm exploring the world through an associative, process-driven approach to storytelling. Writing and stories – in one form or another – is always part of my process, which materializes itself as printed matter, installations, sculptures and video works." Molin also publishes her work through her imprint, Tigerghost.

Ro's Have 2

Pop-up shop

4 September, 12 September

Copenhagen's finest art book shop, Bladr, will host pop-ups throughout the festival period in and around Roskilde. Come and browse their selection and have a chat with the very competent and friendly Bladr crew as they pop up and set up shop in different locations in the Roskilde area. There will be a selection of books from our opening fair, as well as beautiful titles from local and international book artists.

Bladr was formed by five friends in the summer of 2017 to spread the artform of artists' books in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here from 12:00–16:00

Open call video showcase

20 August – 19 September

In the run-up to One Thousand Books 2021, an open call went out; all publishing artists were encouraged to send us flip-through videos of their projects. All contributions were shown throughout the festival inside the REMA 1000 supermarket also hosting our fair. The showcase was comprised of tablets placed unassumingly among groceries.

Ro's Have 2